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Eastern Integrative Health is dedicated to promoting health, wellness and education with Traditional East Asian Medicine, including acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, Eastern dietary consults, breath work, and the wisdom of the accumulated East Asian medical perspective rooted in natural medicine and self healing.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: My offices will be closing until April 1st in accordance with updated state and federal guidelines for one-on-one health “non-essential” care during Covid-19. While the benefits of Eastern Medicine are essential for wellness, the stakes of risk reward for sharing a virus between us makes this interaction currently risky. We are still taking appropriate measures to contain Covid-19 with sanitation of our space and I will be scheduling clients for after this date. If isolation and distancing guidelines are still in place after April 1st, my office will reach out and reschedule those clients accordingly to another date.  We will be in touch throughout this important time for public health.

Together we can help contain this situation if we follow social isolation and distancing parameters to keep the spread of this virus from occurring too quickly and to far.  Please see my blog entry below on Tips in Traditional Chinese Medicine management of epidemics for other ideas.

Thank you ~

Mitchell Harris LAc, Dipl OM ~ Founder of Eastern Integrative Health
Adjunct Professor, Department Chair of Clinical Procedure – Pacific College of Health, Chicago

“With over 15 years of experience, studying from teachers in China and the United States, I love to bring the benefits of Eastern medicine into the expanding Integrative setting of modern America.

My training and love of teaching allows my clients to fully explore East Asian medicine as a complete system of health, while learning about new ways to create balance within themselves.  I also aim to provide the foundation in which to safely integrate other medical systems one may find necessary, from traditional allopathic Western Medicine, to Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Physical Training, Breath Work, Nutrition Counseling, Psychology and the myriad of other possibilities.

Traditional East Asian Medicine has a lineage of effective and safe treatment methods for thousands of years. Under my care, each individuals uniqueness is respected along with the body’s natural intelligence.  Through commitment and dedication to a therapeutic relationship with every guest, I strive to provide the knowledge for future self-care and address the root of health and wellness.”

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