“It has been my good fortune to discover the merits of acupuncture and Mitch Harris. I have been plagued by allergies all of my life; in seeking an alternative to antihistamines and allergies shots I found acupuncture. I researched the pros and cons of acupuncture and decided to take a chance for a possible relief from the symptoms allergies. I started treatment in the fall, which is a particularly difficult time for me as mold spores are abundant. Within 4 weeks of once a week treatment I was off of all medication and feeling better than I had in years. After 2 months I still have significant relief. My allergies are 50% to 70% better without the benefit of medication. I knowingly have placed myself in situations that I could not tolerate before and still fared better than when I was taking medication. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone seeking allergy relief. I will never reach 100% cure but cutting the discomfort by half is a tremendous relief. I highly recommend Mitch; he is very professional, highly knowledgeable, with a very cozy and comfortable office.”



“I have always responded well to meditation and visualization healing but after 10 months of chronic sinusitis (allergies) and asthma I was scared I was not getting well. The acupuncture treatments gave amazing results and my lungs do not feel like they hurt anymore. I am walking briskly and beginning a habit of exercising every day. I seldom use a puffer and even cold weather doesn’t bother my respiratory system. I started in August with just a few treatments and had amazing results by September when we spent 3 weeks in New Mexico. The high altitude was a big challenge but I was in tune with how well my lungs did not go back to the old condition. Even soaking in the hot springs and cold air did nothing to inflame the sinuses. I think I would like to say acupuncture is a system where you learn to pay attention to your body and are assisted by the communion of rejuvenated nerves and circulatory flow. Since I have a degree in nursing I am very aware that western medicine has great need for a system like acupuncture and carefully monitored herbal treatments. My husband has since gone to see Mitch and his frustrating insomnia gone, much to his delight.”



“I suffered a compression fracture to my L-1 vertebrae and numerous other injuries in a boating accident December 23, 2001. Since that accident I have suffered more pain and agony than I thought possible to endure. Numerous massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and many Doctors had treated me but the pain still endured. After 5 years it had decreased significantly, through exercise, massage, and chiropractic care. I still had a difficult time sitting, standing, and sleeping due to my pain. I continued to work through the pain and keep a job. I exercised and stretched as much as the pain would allow. Approximately September of 2006 I began treatment and therapy with Mitch Harris. I began to heal at an accelerated rate. I continued to work at my occupation, exercise, and stretch. I received two to three treatments a week from Mitch for about 4 months and just before Christmas 2006 I received treatment everyday for 1-week. I had also seen a Chiropractor twice just before Christmas. I had the best holidays by far since the accident. It is now February 2007 and I am now able to exercise for 1 hour or more, lift weights, include abdominal exercises, and feel better than I have felt for over 5 years. I am now sleeping very close to normal and have very little pain compared to the pain I had before working with Mitch. I have also worked with them to assist me with my nutrition plan as during the 5 years my body weight had increased by about 30 pounds. I am now weighing less than I did before the accident and can envision the day I may be able to play Golf again.”

Leon E. Mecham

Tea and herbal treatments


“I went to Mitch Harris to address Carpal Tunnel symptoms with my hands. With increasing frequency my hands were going numb without warning and off and on during the day. This became a heavy numbness in which I couldn’t feel my fingers and made simple tasks, including using eating utensils, difficult. The doctors I visited could only recommend surgery. After my first treatment I felt relief. After several treatments, the heavy numbness is gone and I have only occasional light tingling in my hands. I am very happy with my progress and would recommend Mitch for his caring manner and professionalism.”

Diana Lehr


“Recently, I saw Mitch for a lingering cold and was not sure what to expect.  However, he explained  the need to get rid of the heat, that  is, the infection, and gave me a two week supply of Chinese herbal medication.  Viola!  Although, I finished the two week supply, I started feeling significantly better after five (5) days.I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the herbs. Needless to say, I’m a healthier camper. Mitch is wonderful and takes plenty of time to cure the ‘whole’ person.”



I came to Mitch after I had recently suffered a miscarriage and was seeking help getting
pregnant again. My doctor suggested I try acupuncture. When I met Mitch, he immediately made me
feel comfortable and helped me to understand a miscarriage is the body’s natural way of dealing with
an unhealthy pregnancy. Mitch was very professional and explained the importance of first getting
my body back to “normal”. He provided me with advice on how to nourish my body so it would be
ready to conceive and hold a healthy pregnancy. After four months of consistent acupuncture, coupled
with a healthy diet and lifestyle, I found out I was pregnant. I maintained a healthy pregnancy with
no complications. Today, my baby girl is 5 months. She is a healthy, happy baby. With Mitch’s help,
my body was able to recover more quickly from the miscarriage and conceive again. He also helped
me to understand how to properly nourish my body in order to maintain a pregnancy. I would highly
recommend Mitch to anyone looking to conceive naturally.



I suffered hair loss around my hairline and I did not know what options were available to correct this besides hair line restoration or the various amount of gimmicky products being sold on the market. After hearing about these Chinese herbs, I was intrigued. I tried the pill form and within the first month there was a noticeable difference in hair growth all over! It has been 4 months and I currently use the liquid form of the herbs along with the scalp stimulator and my hairline and hair growth overall has increased dramatically!
Thank you, Mitchell!!


“I received almost immediate relief from my insomnia through acupuncture and the Heavenly Waters herbal supplement. I have now had four acupuncture treatments and I have been on the herbs for approximately five weeks. I am most satisfied with the results I have gotten from my relationship with Mitch and his office. Thank you so much for your help. I have…and will continue to tell my friends how much you have helped me.”

Carol DeCoursey


“I had a very positive outcome from my acupuncture treatment. Initially I was quite skeptical about acupuncture being able to help my chronic shoulder pain that had lasted on and off for 2 years. But after aggravating my shoulder again during a workout I was in intense pain, so I decided it was worth a try. To my disbelief, after one treatment I felt very little of the pain I experienced before, with only a twinge remaining. After 2 more treatments I felt good enough to discontinue treatment and get back to working out. It has been many months since my first treatment and I am still in good shape. I was so impressed I even brought my son who is in medical school in to observe my treatment. I have received marvelous benefits from Indy Acupuncture and would recommend it for anyone with ailments similar to mine.”

John H.


“My husband went to see Mitchell for sciatic pain (pain traveling down the low back / hips to the feet ) that went from his hips down to his ankle and made him unable to sit comfortably for more than 10 minutes. After the first treatment his pain was greatly reduced. After a series of acupuncture treatments once a week at their clinic he could ride in the car without pain for a gradually increasing period of time. Currently he has NO PAIN, whether he is sitting, standing or walking! We attribute a large portion of his improvement to the care he received with Mitch and we thank him for this blessing.”

Marjorie & Bill Stub

Cherry blossom tree

Additional Testimonials:

A Truly Gifted Healer I can’t decide whether Dr. Harris is more knowledgeable about his field or if he is a more caring healer. He is extremely gifted on both counts! I can’t recommend Mitch highly enough as a compassionate and educated healer. – Kathleen Finley


A Master of the Healing Arts I had a series of treatments with Dr. Harris about a year ago and went back for a tune-up last week. Mitchell treated me for pain and arthritis in my neck and shoulders and for general stress. I came away feeling relaxed, relieved, refreshed. Acupuncture is a powerful restorative remedy and Mitchell is a master at applying it effectively. I enthusiastically recommend his services. – Gareth Gollrad

Superior service from a master of eastern health. Highly recommend! Great –  bedside manner & easily disseminates the jargon into terms that are easily understood & absorbed. – Curtis Rangel


Great experience Mitch provided acupuncture for my 7 year old son.He was so affable and calming – my son wants to go back! –  Alex Vasiles

Mitch Harris Mitch was wonderful! It was my first time I had acupuncture with him. He explained everything in detail. I am coming back! Thanks, Mitch –  Sorrelle Stanton


Mitch Harris I have only gone once so far, but was super impressed. Mitch gets western medicine as well as eastern medicine and does not push any “crazy” agendas. Very practical and helpful. – B.G.


Fabulous Experience Acupuncture has an air of mysticism about it. Mitch does a great job of making you comfortable, diagnosing the issue, explaining the plan of action, why and how it will work. I visited Mitch for a pinched nerve and his work has complemented sped up the PT I had been struggling to get results with. – Gisele Smith

Great treatment After one acupuncture treatment, my problems are significantly improved. The office is peaceful, too. – D.J.


Moxibustion This was my first experience with acupuncture, it was recommended to me to try moxibustion to help my baby turn from the breech position. Mitch is both very professional and easy to talk to and informative while administering treatment. I will be going back and sending my husband to Mitch for balancing treatments. I highly recommend EIH. – Jill Nahrstedt


First Timer I have been interested in Acupuncture for years but never took the steps to give it a try. I met Mitch Harris at Ravenswood Health Center where I was currently receiving Chiropractic Care, Massage and Personal Training. I have been so pleased with all of the services they had to offer and Mitch took it to the next level. I look forward to continuing my treatment with him to help me achieve my personal path to wellness. – Tracee B


Amazing Experience I met with Mitch and had my first acupuncture experience this week. He was incredibly knowledgeable and really took the time to explain the process to me. After my treatment I had a noticeable increase in my energy level and my stress felt more manageable. I am really looking forward to working with Mitch further and incorporating acupuncture in my wellness plan. – Carole Ramsden


Informative and Comfortable The free consultation was incredibly informative and made me feel really confident about my decision to pursue acupuncture. Mitch was very friendly and made me feel totally comfortable discussing sensitive things. Would definitely go back. – Colleen C


Mitch Harris rocks! After going for a free acupuncture session, I feel amazing! Mitch knows his profession. If you are considering a healthier way of treating what ales you, Mitch is the guy to see. –  Jimmy Smith


Fantastic Knowledgeable, caring, and it works! I am so glad I decided to try acupuncture for all those nagging ailments that haunt an beautiful but older woman like myself! Mitch is a giver and a healer. I have told so many about his abilities and once they have gone to him they have agreed with me – He is the best! –  ES-F


hat a great experience This was my first time doing acupuncture, and what a treat it was! Mitch took the time to listen to my issues and made me feel very comfortable. I feel great and I’m very impressed how well the treatments work. –  K.T.


He actually spent time with me I’ve been to many practitioners of various backgrounds. It was a relief to have a professional commit time to listening to what has been plaguing me for years. I know I still have a long way to go with Mitch, but knowing that my problem has been seen before and successfully dealt with was great encouragement. I feel that I finally found someone to help and educate me on a new lifestyle, that leads to a much healthier, energetic me! – Catherine Topor


Highly Personalized and Effective Acupuncture I’ve received multiple treatments from Mitch and each one has been very effective. Assessments are always concise and each session is custom-tailored to fit my exact need. Not only is Mitch a talented acupuncturist, he has an extensive knowledge of herbs and their healing properties. I definitely recommend Eastern Integrative Health. – Matt H


Mitch is the real deal Mitch is a great doctor. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and understands how to integrate both Eastern & Western medicine. He will help you for both specific ailments, or just overall health. Go in and get a free consultation, you won’t be sorry. -Sidney Stein


Mitch is organized and very patient focused! Mitch was recommended through a group I attended and I can’t say enough on how much his service has helped me. Mitch is incredibly professional, starting with his booking process which again, makes it easy to remember my appointment. Second, he’s very thorough asking all the right questions and makes me feel that his listens to what you really need. I walk out of there very RELAXED. – Stefanie Safran


GenX, East Takes over West. I met Mitchell Harris at the Navy Pier Green Festival. I made an appt when I injured myself at work. After a few visits I felt the improvement. Oftentimes, You CAN BE healed without invasive procedures and RX’s. Give Eastern a chance before going West. – David Gindlesparger


Awesome! After trying another acupuncturist who would limit the number of areas he’d work on during a session (my guess – so I would keep coming back and paying him $$$), a friend rec’d Mitch. He worked on 4 – 5 different areas in my 1st session and I’m already feeling the positive results. He’s working on my sciatica, knee, IT band, turf toe and shoulder, with hopes that I’ll get back to playing soccer two times a week . With Mitch, I feel this is a realistic goal.- Leigh Ann Barnett


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Eastern Integrative Health 1) Mitch brings over 10 years of experience 2) Acupuncture has been shown in clinical trials to treat numerous medical conditions– my tonsil infection was cleared in a day with Mitch’s treatment and herbal medicine. 3) Treat everyday issues such as joint pain, insomnia, digestive issues, etc. 4) Reduce your stress and improve with your health with an acupuncture session– it has felt more relaxing than a massage after sessions. 5) Feel comfortable and be able to speak about your health! – Bridgett Blough


Your first step to wellness I have had acupuncture previously, but have not had such great results until Mitch. He’s helped treat and relieve heartburn, sleeping issues, back and neck pain and sinus issues with a combination of herbs, acupuncture, cupping and aromatherapy. Mitch is friendly, makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, and he’s my first go-to to treat pretty much any pain or illness.- Lisa Ghisolf


Hands down, best bang for your buck medically been to many “real” DRs, chiropractors, other natural/non-traditional practitioners. this guy is the real deal, no fuss/no muss, gets you fixed ,2-3 visits and maybe some herbs you’re back to normal. i’d suggest going back every month or so cuz you feel great, but theres no pressure from him. – Mike M.


Worth his weight in gold Mitch is one of those practitioners that transcends expectation. He has a great beside manner, he listens intently & explains thoroughly. He is a health care practitioner that I recommend to everyone that I know. My knee felt really loose (for lack of a better description). After 1 acupuncture treatment, it felt 75% better; immediately! Dr Mitch also does cupping, herbal medicine and nutritional counseling. I like the Lakeview location better than the Ravenswood locale; better energy! C.R.


One session made a HUGE difference! I came to Mitch with insomnia, stress and sinus issues. WOW! I came out feeling WAY better ! I didn’t know the benefits of accpunture until I actually met Mitch and I highly recommend him! – Stefanie Safran


Mitch has helped me change my life I came to Mitch with something called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which causes pain, numbness and tingling in your shoulders and hands, which is now at a very manageable level and allows me to continue to work as a court reporter. Between stress relief, menopause, and trying to heal a surgical incision more quickly, Mitch has addressed every single issue and helped me get everything to a manageable level. He explains things in user friendly terms, and he is the best at what he does –  Cindy Conforti


Awesome stuff Mitch is right on. Not just excellent at what he does… but actually explains the background to the methods. I can really appreciate that. I’ve been visiting his practice for a couple of months and can certainly recommend his service. – Loren Stanton


Eastern Integrative Health I have been to both locations and the environment is clean and relaxed. I am feeling better and better, and am looking forward to my next treatment! – Christy Bell


My knees feel like new again! I have never had quicker, more immediate results from any treatment, holistic or otherwise! Mitch is truly a master at his craft as well as an extremely knowledgeable health professional. Thanks, Mitch. – David Gindlesparger


A must in every wellness program! I came to Mitch to learn more about acupuncture as well as alternative methods to treat chronic pain. Mitch is very informative and makes every session unique. As a fitness professional, I recommend Mitch to anyone looking to make a positive impact on their health. – Mark Hartman


Amazing Environment Not only was Mitch’s office easy to find, the environment is so peaceful and relaxing. I have had an amazing experience here and have not been able to stop telling everyone about it! Acupuncture has enhanced my vision on health and wellness and I plan on continuing to incorporate it into my life. Thank you Mitch for being so patient, knowledgeable and simply… Amazing! – S.V


A Stick, A Rub and a Cup First introduced to EIH at Navy Pier’s Green Festival. A nice alternative to Western Medicine. I go for the Acupuncture, Massage and Cupping. Personable, Professional, Lovely Bunch of People. – Tamara Topcu


So Relaxing & rejuvenating I have been visiting Mitch for acupuncture 4 times for sleep aid, energy and emotional balance. I am super pleased with the results thus far. I am looking forward to continued success and balance in my life with acupuncture and holistic medicines – Candy Stiles


I initially came in for the “dermatological” acupuncture treatment “Mai-Zen”, because I liked the idea of combining Eastern and Western practices. I have benefited from the treatment so much more than I expected to. R.V


First, I was turning 70, and was having some trouble adjusting to my aging. I kept looking in the mirror and pulling my skin back, especially around the jaw area, to tighten my sagging appearance. (I tried getting your brother to perform plastic surgery/face lift, but he refused….It was he, a Western dermatologist, who told me of your combined practice and suggested that I try it.) I had no “firm preconceptions” of any results.  As the weeks passed, I began to notice changes. I had a jaw line reappearing! The contours of my chin and cheek bones were beginning to reappear. My neck even looked better! Additionally, I have found that Mitchell treats the entire person and their whole body well-being.  My edema leadened legs began to remit. The painful swelling of my recently badly broken wrist began to feel better. My whole body began to benefit from the treatment I was receiving. I truly believe my memory improved and my serotonin level increased. And, I no longer have to manually “pull back my skin” to achieve the look I desired. My QI is flowing so much better!


I wouldn’t have believed the subtle, but definite changes in the contours of my face, were possible…but they are real. I can see them and whole-hearted attest to their “medical” reality…as well as to the other benefits I’ve experienced.


Acupuncture needs to be taken seriously and incorporated into Western medicine as a viable treatment modality. It works for dermatology, and I can only imagine the good that  could occur if acupuncture were fully utilized in the treatment of all conditions. Eastern and Western medicine need to be combined; they present a wonderful medical complement and promise more than we now know in helping and promoting mind-body health. – Anne L. Allaman


I have been a patient if acupuncture for many years. Recently, I had the opportunity to be treated by Mitch Harris- owner of Eastern Integrative Health.  He is, one of the  best that I have come across. His knowledge, experience, patience and style in both understanding how the body works and responds to the treatment as well as the augmentation with natural supplements (if needed)really stand out as one of the best in Chicago- if not the nation.  I was able to reduce my pain (preparing for surgery) sleep better and have a general improvement in my well-being.  Thanks Mitch! – Julia Brown

I came to Mitch with rosacea as my main complaint.  I was also having problems with frequent hot flashes and an undiagnosed chest pain that had been going on for years.  I tried using the azelaic acid prescribed by my  doctor for my rosacea months before I came to try Mitch out.  It burned and itched and made me uncomfortable without results. I couldn’t stand to use it.  After a thorough evaluation appointment with Mitch, we decided I should start on a program of acupuncture and herbs.  After a few months of treatments  I had less redness in my face, less episodes of chest pain, and less frequent hot flashes.  You approached my issues by drawing the “heat” out of me through acupuncture, herbs, and awareness.  This approach not only reduced my rosacea symptoms, it also diminished my chest pains and my hot flashes from daily occurrences to once or twice a month.   Thank You! – Kathy B.

My husband and I spent a year trying to get pregnant before I started seeing Mitch.  We got very frustrated watching everyone around us successfully get pregnant while we failed month after month.  I had tried a few ovulation tests, and I never once got a smiley face showing that I was ovulating.  I went to my doctor to discuss my options, and we talked about taking Clomid.  She said that this drug would greatly increase my chances of having twins, and I was not sure that was what my husband and I envisioned for our future.  We wanted to try something else first, and several of my friends had success getting pregnant with the help of acupuncture.  I did not believe that it would work for me, but I decided to commit to seeing Mitch for acupuncture once a week to see what would happen.  In addition to acupuncture, Mitch prescribed a series of herbs for me to take, and he also suggested daily breathing exercises for me to do.  I could tell right away that Mitch was very knowledgeable, and he always made sure to explain what we were doing and why we were doing it.   Before each acupuncture session, Mitch would ask me questions about how the week had gone.  What impressed me the most was how Mitch always heard what I said and interpreted it in the exact way that I meant it.  Mitch made me feel validated for feeling how I felt, and he also made me feel hopeful.  In my first month of treatment with Mitch, I got my first smiley face on the ovulation test.  By month three, I was pregnant.  I am thrilled to be in the thirteenth week of my pregnancy, and I was able to get pregnant without taking any serious medications or going through any infertility procedures.  -Blaire

I first went to see Dr. Mitch Harris at Eastern Integrative Health out of curiosity. I had never gotten acupuncture and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Well, I learned what the fuss was all about and much more. My first visit, Dr. Mitch spent more time going over my health than any of my primary care physicians ever have. He is very thorough in going over you health, lifestyle and anything else related to your well being.  He knows his stuff. He gave me tips on how to reduce stress based on how I live my life. So many of us go to a Dr. when we have a problem. Eastern medicine and Dr. Mitch show you how to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent you from having health problems. Since my first visit, I’ve seen Dr. Mitch several times more. He’s flexible with time, working around your schedule and very reasonably priced. They offer free parking, a relaxing environment and reasonable prices. And it turns out, acupuncture is not scary, it doesn’t hurt and you feel awesome afterwards. But Dr. Mitch doesn’t only deal with acupuncture. He’s also helped me transitions from meds with herbs and vitamins, natural ways of healing that don’t leave you with nasty withdrawal symptoms.  Overall, go check out Dr. Mitch. He’ll show you a healthier way to live, how to treat problems that you have and how to live a healthier lifestyle to prevent health problems.

KD, Chicago