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Mitch Harris LAc now at new location in Roger’s Park with CENTERED STUDIOS yoga//acupuncture//bodywork//herbology

May 31st, 2015

Centered Studios is a new yoga//acupuncture//bodywork//herbal medicine clinic co-founded by Mitch Harris LAc and Amy Harris in their neighborhood of Rogers Park.  The mission of the studio is to support authentic, diverse and affordable East Asian treatments for the local community.

Integrative Medical Network Presents Dr. David Miller’s Seminar: The Integrative Physiology of the Chinese Channel System, Including the Extraordinary Vessels

October 17th, 2014

October 18th and 19th Presenting a model for the Integration of Chinese and Western Physiologies and Demonstrating the Power of Chinese Medical Concepts With decades of study and practice in biomedicine and Chinese medicine Dr. Miller is committed to the development of a cohesive model of Asian medicine that preserves the intricacy and beauty of the […]

Mitchell Harris and Dr. David Miller present “An Independent Physician’s Discussion on the Practice of Vaccines” at UIC

August 9th, 2013

Organized by Integrative Medical Network, LLC After more than 10 years of studying the vaccine debate, Dr. Miller will hold a workshop to explore the complexity of this issue. This is a non-judgmental forum, and is not intended to be either solely pro or con on the issue of vaccination, but rather a chance to address […]

Mitchell Harris and Dr. David Miller present “An Introduction to Integrative Medicine” at Shriner’s Childrens Hospital Staff, Chicago

May 14th, 2012

“An Introduction to Integrative Medicine – Tools for Patient and Self Care” Objectives: -Teach those in attendance about certain integrative medical techniques, methods, and theories. – Discuss how these Integrative methods can increase patient options and benefits within Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. -Enable those in attendance to experience some aspect of integrative medicine to further their […]