Services Provided:

  • Acupuncture (balances body systems, experienced in multiple styles)

  • Moxibustion Therapy (warms muscles and channels, relieves pain)

  • Cupping  / Gua Sha Treatment (releases stagnation and waste in body tissues)

  • Herbal & Eastern Nutritional Counseling

  • Meditation / Breathing Exercises



Eastern Integrative Health treatment roomThe initial visit consists of a comprehensive health history intake and evaluation followed by acupuncture. A course of acupuncture is typically 4-12 sessions, once or twice a week depending on severity and the condition being treated. Benefits are often felt immediately after the first treatment. Treatment is continued until the symptoms begin to go away for longer periods of time.  Then treatment is spread out until you no longer need to come back. This is the typical timetable for natural healing and which demonstrates how acupuncture helps the body to heal itself, not simply cover up symptoms.



Eastern Integrative Health provides flexible treatment options for my clients’ needs.  This enables my clients to experience the full benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine throughout the entire process of healing.  This is best done by pursuing a course of treatment, several treatments within a decided period of time, and then progressing to maintenance or no treatment as needed.

The first treatment is 75-90 minutes. Follow-ups are either 45-60 minutes.   Booking takes place on the half-hour.  This allows the maximum face time with my guests.  The first 4 treatments are recommended at the hour length so education and examinations can be completed but this is a case-by-case decision between the client and practitioner.



$85 for 90 min Initial Intake, Examination, Acupuncture Treatment (herbal, dietary and lifestyle recommendations included)

*Herbal medicine are purchased additionally

$70 for 60 min Follow Up Acupuncture treatment (herbal, dietary and lifestyle recommendations included)

Costs for Eastern Nutrition Consults / Herbal Medicine / Gua Sha / Cupping treatments depend on time spent with client:

60 min=$70

30min=$35 (auricular/ear acupuncture only)



Whether you are covered by insurance or not, treatments are offered in individual OR affordable follow up packages, a series of treatments that are purchased at once time and is recommended to get the flowering of benefits natural medicine can provide:

3 treatments: $15 off

6 treatments: $40 off

12 treatments $140 off



As a courtesy to my clients, my assistant Sarah will call your insurance if you provide me with your information.  After finding out if you have acupuncture benefits, I will communicate that information. If you are covered I will file electronically for you.  You will then receive a reimbursement check sent directly to you from your insurance company (subject to deductibles and their conditions of coverage).  I am a Time of Service provider who requests all payments be made after service.


Call to find out more details, request a treatment or free consult today at 312-528-9338

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