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Mitchell Harris and Dr. David Miller present “An Independent Physician’s Discussion on the Practice of Vaccines” at UIC

Friday, August 9th, 2013
Integrative Medical Network, LLC

After more than 10 years of studying the vaccine debate, Dr. Miller will hold a workshop to explore the complexity of this issue. This is a non-judgmental forum, and is not intended to be either solely pro or con on the issue of vaccination, but rather a chance to address this topic with a doctor who has struggled with this practice and its controversy for a decade.

The philosophy and practice of vaccination as a health intervention, social approach to public health, issue of individual liberty, and economic force will be approached. The individual diseases targeted by vaccines will also be studied, as well as the use of alternate vaccine schedules, splitting up vaccines, and the overall safety of vaccination. This workshop is ideal for parents and professionals who want to truly delve into the heart of this ‘issue of our time’.

Dr. David W. Miller, MD, LAc is one of the only dually Board Certified pediatricians and Licensed Acupuncturist / Herbalists in the nation. He is also a talented educator and defender of public’s right to safe, reasonable alternative medicines. Dr. Miller has no financial stake in the vaccine industry, and no practice limitations on this discussion.

Join us for a one day, four hour, informative lecture for parents and health care practitioners alike.

Cost:  Limited Space so sign up today! $45 admission. Pre-registration only. Sunday August 11th, 12-5pm @ UIC Room 5175, UIC College of Medicine Research Bldg, 909. S Wolcott, Chicago 60612